Dance Style

 We have some good news for you! We’re excited to get started on physical classes with “SOCA and AFRO music. We have a brilliant mix of dancing and exercises that help you burn more than a thousand calories as you feel the rhythm of the music through your body!

It’s time to update your dance moves checklist.

The Caribbean and African styles

Using elements of Caribbean and African styles involves a lot of elaborate arm movements, hopping, and super-fast footwork. it gets you physically active with a soothing sound that just makes you want to move your body all day

Pure soca dancing

Purely a Caribbean dance style, our soca dancing is combined with cardio workouts to get you more inspired on your fitness journey.
The full-body dance rhythms are both invigorating and refreshing.


Dancehall moves are more commonly classified as afrobeats. With a lot of kicking, twerking, whining, and leg movements, we have made the dance truly ours in a way that improves your overall health.

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Every one of our instructors and team members are devoted to delivering the best workout experience ever!


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