Meet Our Team :

Kanessa - Host

“For the last 5 years, I have loved everything that has to do with keeping fit. It was only fitting that I realize that combining my workout routine with an upbeat dance style would produce amazing results. Now, Fit Fete is all about getting you as fit as possible with afro and soca music that gets your energy on. I’m glad to welcome you to the family, and it’s definitely going to be an unforgettable experience.”

Daniel - Instructor

I love to bring out the best of people with my energy. With my afro hiit workout they tend to forget they are training and just have fun. Who wouldn’t like to have fun and at the same time work on their body and build stamina.
I’m really glad I was included in this project with Fit Fete to keep people moving and help them bring out their best self.

Rowena - Instructor

I love to put a smile on everybody’s face and share my passion for all kind of sports with the world. I like to motivate people during my dance- and sports classes so they can forget about all the stress and pressure of their daily life. I have been dancing since I was 6 years old and I support structural projects to let people excercise more often and make it a lifestyle. Excercising is good for your mind body and soul. If you join my classes you can have it all.

Jourdina - Instructor

JOURDINA GUMBS was born on the island of Aruba.
From an early age she always loved dancing. As she grew older dancing became more of a passion.

Being from the Caribbean she has always had the urge and lifestyle of Soca (Carnival) and Dancehall in her veins. Dancing and entertaining the crowd came easy to her.

Mirella - Instructor

My passion is dance. Before I started dance classes, I learned dancing from my father by imitating his moves or by paying attention to his feet. 
When I was 9 I started doing Jazz Ballet. I took classes at the dance school of Barry Stevens, Lucia Marthas, Broadway Dance Center, Extremos, Brasa Dance Studios & Jake’s Dance Factory where I ended up in the demoteam. Because I was part of the demoteam, I was able to be part of shows from several American artists like Joe, Ruff Endz & main dance act at MTV “The Lick Party”. I also danced in club Mondial and at DJ Groove Master Johnson’s “Bubbleclub” parties in Paradiso and Bloemendaal.
Besides taking dance classes, workshops and performing, I also did street dance classes with influence from the Hip Hop, Afro, Salsa, (fusion) Jazz and Modern scene. She gave classes at Jake’s Dance Factory, 5 O’Clock and many more dance studios.Once in a while I still like to teach dance workshops apart from my personal trainer business. My passion for dance will always burn in my heart so soon you will see more of my dance skills. 

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